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Ojime: Wood and Bone Carved Treasures

Many ojime beads available today are reproductions of antique Japanese ojime; others are original works inspired by the tradition. Few are actually made in Japan

Our ojime came from the minds of some of Bali's most creative wood and bone carvers and reflect the Indonesian and Balinese culture and environment of their creators.


In this section of the gallery, ojime are categorized by form.

1 Ojime Amphibians & Reptiles
2 Ojime Angels
3 Ojime Animals
4 Ojime Balinese Classics
5 Ojime Birds
6 Ojime Buddhist Figures
7 Ojime Carved Tubes
8 Ojime Dragons
9 Ojime Fish and Other Sea Life
10 Ojime Flowers and Trees
11 Ojime Hindu Deities
12 Ojime Horns
13 Ojime Mermaids
14 Ojime Skulls